Pallet Storage Racks That Make Your Storage Operations Smoother

Proper use of floor space is indispensable in any storage facility. From looking organized to increasing storage density, you can achieve everything through efficient floor space use. Using pallet racks for this is not a new concept, and warehouse managers have used it since the 1950s. But even though it is clichéd, nothing has yet been able to replace pallet storage racks in efficiency.

Having things organized has a lot of advantages. For example, if you need to retrieve an item, you will know precisely where to look. Besides, goods placed sporadically around the floor make them an easy target for inadvertent damage. Not only that, you can also easily find out if there are any damaged goods in your storage facility. It also creates impediments for the free walking space of your workers. Using pallet storage racks clears up this space, and also makes space for any equipment, like forklifts, to pass easily through the gaps between the racks.

Pallet storage racks offer multiple levels of racking, one above the other, where you can store your items. They also let you store dissimilar sized items together, if required. The result is that the vertical space of your storage facility is better used, and your goods are kept organized. They are also available in many forms. For example, if you want to store heavy equipment, you can get industrial pallet racks, but if you want a storage system for your department store, you can get lighter pallet storage racks as well.

The most common type of pallet racks is the selective ones. But if you work in an industry where you need to use a first-in first-out method for the items stored, flow pallet racks are available to serve your purpose. These racks have rollers on them to allow you to slid the goods along. They not only offer high storage density, but are ideal for stocking perishable items. However, for any other industry, selective racks prove their popularity by being so flexible and efficient.

When you decide to install pallet storage racks, you can get a material handling expert to carefully measure and specify the needs of your storage utility. All the factors including the dimensions of your warehouse, the type of materials you need to store, and the industry that you work in will give to determining the type of pallet rack you need. All this you can efficiently have evaluated by the expert. And if you think that you cannot afford new racks, you can also go for used ones.

Post time: 04-25-2017