PlatMx JCK LasVegas 2015

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PlatMx at the JCK 2015
As it is tradition PlatMx is exhibiting at the JCK this year, as it has done for the last 17 years. This year, PlatMx at the JCK 2015 is in booth number B5405 in the First Look Pavilion. This Pavilion features finished jewelry, where PlatMx is exhibiting its High-end Precious Metal manufacturing capabilities.
Every year, PlatMx at the JCK 2015 thrives during the expo because of several reasons that make PlatMx unique and different than all other Jewelry Manufacturing Companies who exhibit Jewelry Manufacturing capabilities within the JCK.

One of the characteristics that makes PlatMx unique at the JCK, is its high-end, sterling silver gift line, including table top goods, corporate gifts, sports emblems such as golf and tennis as well as key rings, pill boxes, letter openers, card holders, perfume bottles, cuff links, cigar holders, baby goods and other esoteric products.
This year, PlatMx is showcasing three display cases intentionally to better explain different products and capabilities to its customers and potential clients.
The main case
The main case showcased PlatMx signature Platinum Jewelry, two collections of platinum and platinum with 22k gold. At the center of the case PlatMx displayed its 18k cufflinks in all colors of gold, yellow, white, rose and green and last but not least, the PlatMx Sterling silver Jewelry collection.
The Second Case
A display of PlatMx jewelry can accessories, this display of items was selected and cured in order to explain better the PlatMx A to Z manufacturing capabilities, from perfume bottles, money clips, jewelry for men and women and an array of silver-smith items, such as desk top items, figurines, picture-frames, trophies and much more.
The Third Case
One of the most successful items that PlatMx proudly sells is its Bridal line. A Collection of wedding bands and Engagement rings. From classic elegant designs to more contemporary and fun items. All these items are offered in platinum and high karat gold.

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