Positioning Mannequins for Store Displays Success

Mannequins are one of the most useful retail store fixtures in existence, but if they are not used effectively there is no use for them at all. The first option to consider after purchasing the right mannequin is where to put it. The positioning of mannequins should be done with creativity and an artful eye. Individual ideas are encouraged in mannequin placement. Anything that will catch the glance of a potential customer is great. Everything should be considered, from the lighting, to props, to outfits, as well as the theme. All of these things are important parts of mannequin display, but before these, they must be positioned. Here are a few general guidelines that can be used to get the ball rolling, but the creativity doesn’t stop there.

Mannequins can certainly be used in both window and sales floor displays. If using mannequins in a window display, it is important for them to stand out dramatically. The purpose of any window display is to catch the eye of those passing buy. They should be positioned at the most favorable angles, displaying the best of the current clothing line. If you have several mannequins, it is important not to push them too close together. A window display should appear organized and coordinated while remaining spacious. If your window display is cramped, customers will assume your store is the same way.

Sales floor mannequins can be handled a little differently. Of course they should still be prominent displays, but they do not need to stand out quite so much. If these mannequins are being viewed, then customers have already entered the store. Their purpose is to demonstrate the clothing in particular departments rather than getting people to come in the door. Groups of floor mannequins should be positioned as if they are interacting with one another. This will make these large mannequins displays seem more natural and less obtrusive. In the women’s section a mixture of male and female mannequins can be used, while most men’s sections only use male mannequins. In the kid’s section it has become popular to put a little mannequin family together with a Mom, Dad, and some children.

Altering mannequin positions on a regular basis is another important aspect of display positioning. All store displays should be regularly changed, and this rule applies mannequins just as much. Even rotating which mannequins are positioned in different departments is good. Keeping the mannequins clean is another purpose for regular rotation. Every time the mannequins are redressed or moved they should be cleaned thoroughly. This will keep them looking new and give them a much longer life.

A good store-owner or manager will take advantage of mannequin displays by adding their own flare. Thinking of new display ideas will keep the store looking fresh and inviting, and with good positioning, they will do as much sales work as any of the other associates on the floor.

Post time: 04-05-2017