Premier helps make a makeover complete

Recently, Premier Store Fixtures came up on MSNBC during one of its Your Business makeover shows. The segment featured the makeover of a small jewelry store chain in Monterey, CA.

San Francisco based design firm Gensler was called in along with Helen Bulwik of the Newport Board Group.

Gensler put forth the idea of combining the owners’ four separate stores into one, opulent retail venue that consolidated all of their products, yet retain individual spaces for specialty items like hand-strung pearls on premise, silverwork and fashion.

Helen, who also happens to be on the board of directors at Premier Store Fixtures, was able to give the storeowners the exciting news that Premier is going to supply all of the fixtures for their new retail space.

“I’m very proud to be in a position to bring Premier’s ultra high quality fixtures to the new Monterey Jewelry Co. and partner with Gensler on this” says Bulwik, “without the owners having to worry about the cost of transforming a jewelry store into a fabulous showcase.”

As the goal was to optimize the business and make it sustainable through retirement of the owners, the design makeover was adopted; an impressive part of it was a series of round custom-designed ceiling lights that Premier will be providing. The owners were so impressed they were at a loss for words except “This is a major life-changer.” Wow.

Post time: 05-19-2017