Product Glorifier Unit – Luminati Waycon Ltd

Luminati Waycon Ltd – Product Glorifier Unit

Our product glorifier units are perfect for so many different applications! Supplied flat packed, the unit has a clear poster trap that slots into the back of the unit to display your advertising material / poster. Then simply place any product on the base panel.

Perfect for cosmetic displays, tester pots, product features, jewellery and clothing, in a retail environment.

Luminati Waycon Ltd’s have a huge range of leaflet holders and retail display units. All of which can be found here:-

We specialise in UK Design and Manufacture of thousands of products, spanning many different categories:-

• Acrylic Branding Blocks
• Acrylic Furniture
• Acrylic Lecterns
• Acrylic Picture Frames
• Acrylic Tables
• Album Book Display Stands
• Bespoke Glorifier Units
• Branding And Printing
• Brochure Displays
• Brochure Stands
• Business Card Display
• Business Card Holders
• Car Showroom Displays
• Church Lecterns
• Corporate Gifts
• Cosmetic Displays
• Counter Card Displays
• Counter Display Cases
• Counter Top
• Countertop Stands
• Desktop Accessories
• Desktop Lecterns
• Digital Advertising Displays
• Digital Advertising Screens
• Digital Print and Branding
• Dump Bins
• Exhibition Display Cases
• Exhibition Displays
Glass Cabinet
• Glasses Displays
• Greeting Card Displays
• Illuminated Cabinets
• Illuminated Plinths
• iPad & Tablet Displays
• Jewellery Displays
• Lecterns
• Literature Displays
• Magazine Bins
• Medical Displays
• Model Display Cases
• Newspaper Displays
• Optical Displays
• Optician Displays
• Pic n Mix Displays
• Product Displays
Retail Display Cases
Retail Display Stands
Retail Display Systems
• School & University Displays
• Showroom Displays
• Staff Wallboards
• Suggestion Boxes
• Trade Counter Displays
• Trophy Cabinet
• TV Riser
• TV Stand

We also specialise in Bespoke Design and Manufacture, designing products unique to your design requirement.

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