Programmable Scrolling LED Signs with Wireless Remote

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The Finest Scrolling LED Signs
Customize Your Messages with the Wireless Remote
Attract More Customers and Improve Your Business Immediately
★ Completely Weatherproof for Indoor and Outdoor
★ Very Bright Moving Messages, Images, and Effects
★ Clear and Sharp from Close, Far and any Angle
★ New and Improved with Superior Technology
★ Free 3 Year Warranty with Free Tech Support
★ First Quality Craftsmanship – Made in the USA flag
★ MET Lab Certified, UL Compliant, CSA Approved
★ Program your Sign Easily with the Wireless Remote
★ Wireless Remote can work up to 70 Feet Away
★ Write 99 Separate Messages of 500 Characters Each
★ 300 Built in Images and Animations to Choose From
★ Thousands of LED Diodes and 10 Levels of Brightness
★ 22 Combinations of Colors Red, Green, and Yellow
★ Display Your Messages in Single or Double Lines
★ Adjust Scroll Speed Slower, Faster, Still or Flashing
★ Display the Sign Vertically and Horizontally
★ Built-In Special Effects with Many Variations
★ Displays Time, Date, Stopwatch & Countdown Clock
★ Connect 2 Signs Back to Back for 2 Sided LED Signs
★ Leave it on 24 Hours a Day with Minimal Power Usage
★ Just Plug it in a Normal 110 Volt Electric Outlet
★ Comes Ready to Go – Hang It Yourself
★ Includes Simple Instructions and Mounting Hardware
★ Show Messages in up to 8 Different Languages

Post time: 10-15-2017