Project Video Series 100% Safe | Electric fixtures — Part 1 (English subtitles)

Electric shock is one of the three major causes of accidents in construction sites. It is necessary to be careful. Temporary electrical fixtures don’t last long, but the safety precautions don’t change. Starting with the project, which must be done by a qualified professional. Afterwards, workers enter the field only if they are qualified. Protective Equipment: leather boot with insulated sole, goggles, helmet, insulated gloves with
cowhide coverage and adequate clothing to electrical activity. Never use personal adornments when working with electricity such as a watch, rings, bracelets etc.., as they can cause accidents by driving electric. Consider the collective protections that should promote the shutting down of the whole circuit. When this shut down is not possible, obstacles, barriers, signals, automatic power isolation systems, and automatic restart blockers can be used.

Post time: 04-20-2017