Quality Baking Equipment Types For The Home Cook

If you bake frequently, then you know how much having the proper equipment can help to ensure that your baked goods are perfect. But what is the right equipment? This article details the pros and cons of most common types of bake ware so that you will be well informed the next time you shop for quality baking equipment either online or at a retail store.

The most common type of quality baking equipment is aluminum bakeware. Aluminum conducts heat well, which means that your baked products cook up evenly; however, some baked products may not brown as well as you might like. Aluminum bakeware is good for just about any type of food, except for foods with a high acid content (i.e., tomato-based foods or foods with a large amount of citrus juice).

Several brands of quality baking equipment are constructed from glass. Aluminum and glass both conduct heat well, but glass has several advantages over aluminum. For one, food browns better in glass. Second, acidic foods do well baking in glass whereas they do not in aluminum. Remember that glass gets hot very quickly, so it’s okay to reduce some baking temperatures by 25 degrees or so when cooking with glass.

Using silicone as a bakeware material is a fairly new development, but comes with many things in its favor; it’s flexible, adaptable, can be used in any temperature, and doesn’t stick. You can even fold silicone bakeware for convenient storage. Foods cooked in silicone non stick bakeware warm well, brown evenly, and best yet, the food stops cooking as it’s removed from the oven.

Tinned steel is another excellent choice for bakeware. It conducts heat very well, heats evenly, and makes for perfect browning. Maintenance is easy; just be sure to dry your tin plate bakeware well to avoid rust. A slight darkening of the tin over time is normal and will not affect baking ability in the least.

Finally, you may also want to consider insulated bakeware. This unique type of bakeware is composed of two layers of metal. Inside the two layers is a thin layer of air. Because of the insulation the air provides, insulated bakeware allows even baking and good browning. Foods cooked in insulated bakeware resist burning.

Post time: 03-20-2017