Racking Systems Mean More Than Just Shelving

Any company, small or large, needs some sort of storage system. Whether it is filing paperwork away, presenting clothing to customers on the shop floor or keeping heavy goods in a warehouse, a business always needs to have an affordable and suitable method of storing items that keeps them safe, organised and easily accessible when needed.

Racking systems are designed to do just that. They let you store stock in a way that looks neat, organised and professional without compromising on safety or durability. Racking systems are designed to withstand high levels of stress so not matter how heavy your products are, whether you are storing lightweight clothes or large items of furniture, a professional racking system is the perfect choice to suit your individual business needs.

However, when it comes to racking systems, many people instantly think of shelving. Whilst shelving is of course a typical and useful form of storage, the term racking system refers to a wide variety of storage systems that also include items such as pallet racking, garment rails, vertical sheet racks and more.

Pallet racking is perfect for businesses that need to store medium weight goods. It consists of a heavy duty metal frame that provides support, fitted with decks or pallets constructed using wood or mesh. A full racking system includes more than just a simple set of shelves, other fixtures such as floor fixings and corner protectors ensure that the pallet racking is safe to use and helps your company to comply with health and safety regulations.

Galvanised pallet racking is also available which is a great alternative to metal shelving for storing extra heavy goods. They are perfect for DIY stores or garden centres that may want to organise and store heavy items such as bags of concrete and peat, or stone paving slabs for example. Galvanised steel is perfect for use outdoors as the steel has undergone a zinc coating chemical process that prolongs the life of the metal outdoors and reduces corrosion.

Additional items are also available that are not typical of your everyday, basic shelving storage. For example plastic ticket holders and notice plates designed to fit in perfectly with your racking system can be used to quickly and easily identify goods, which is especially useful if your stock is stored in nondescript cardboard boxes. A rack sack is a durable and reusable waste storage system that can easily be added to the end of most racking systems and used to sort waste, for example general waste and recycling.

If you have many long, thin items such as ironing boards or wooden planks, storing them on a shelf can make it difficult to retrieve one when needed. A vertical storage solution may therefore be better, another example of how a racking system can incorporate more than just your typical, horizontal shelves. Vertical sheet racks and racks for thinner items are the perfect choice for DIY stores or metalwork shops that want to be able to get hold of the items that the customer wants quickly and easily.

Span bays are a typical and popular choice that are really just an advanced form of metal shelving. They include items such as deck supports and safety clips to help keep your warehouse or storefront a safe area, and are able to withstand extremely heavy weights thanks to their design.

Finally, when speaking of racking systems it would be a mistake to not mention garment racking which is a very popular item with companies. From construction companies needing to store jackets and other construction wear for their workers, to clothing retail companies who need an attractive way to present their wares to customers, a garment rack is the perfect solution. Items are hung separately rather than piled on top of each other on a shelf, making it quick and easy to look through them, take items down and replace them in the same place.

Overall, it seems that there are many different racking systems available to suit all kinds of companies, and those searching for a more personalised storage system will be happy to know that there are many alternatives to just shelving. Of course, metal shelving is an option that may be appropriate but storage ideas such as garment rails and pallet racking may be better suited to your needs. It is a good idea to research all of the different types of storage that are available before making a purchase so that you can get the type that is ideal for your company.

Post time: 04-17-2017