Radio Show Start-Up Syndication Strategy Considered

Let’s say you want to help out the small business community and local entrepreneurs succeed. If so, I say; “hey good for you,” because our smaller companies employ well over 60% of our workforce in the US, and 10% of our population runs a little business, meaning they are self-employed. Now then, one of the best things you can do is to give out good solid advice, and one way to do this is via radio, so folks can listen while they work, as they have little time to learn any other way.

Okay so, let’s talk about some suggestions of the types of information you might wish to include in your programming. Indeed, I recommend short pieces 15-30 minutes every day or three times a week on the following very important categories and sub-topics;

Accounting: Real depreciation and Tax allowed depreciation – Collecting on accounts receivables.

Accounting Payroll: Rules of Independent Contractors – Hiring a temporary agency.

Advertising: Realities of repetition, multiple sources, inexpensive venues, budgeting.

Agriculture: Food purchasing for restaurants, seasonality.

Architecture and Interior Design: Retail merchandising and store layout, curb appeal, business designs.

Branding: Local small business branding, multi-store branding, recognizable trade dress, capturing consumer’s emotional buy-in.

Business Travel: Renting a car to travel long-distances, flying out of our local airport, owning an aircraft, online deal packages.

Career Advice: Staying in the game, the value of small business experience, open doors to future prospects.

Careers and Employment: Hiring employees, tough love approach, avoiding termination lawsuits, unemployment challenges.

Change Management: Turn-over of your executive team, surviving the loss of a key player, recruiting to replace.

Construction Industry: Now is a good time to hire a contractor for TI (tenant improvement) or upgrading business facilities.

Consulting: The competition is tough, social media marketing – mentoring, coaching, consulting – there are differences.

Continuity Disaster Recovery: We live in Earthquake country are you prepared – basic needs, supplies, have a plan.

Customer Service: Not lip service, exit surveys, caring, mission statement, employees on board.

Entrepreneurism: Is now a good time to start a business, first step, success/failure, America.

Ethics: Crossing the line, justifying the cross, vendor games, competitor tit-4-tat, advertising and marketing, consumers.

Franchising: Should you franchise your business, Gerber’s E-Myth, systems thinking, regional variation, developing the team.

Fundraising: Signing on to helping non-profits, allotting use of facilities, semi-sponsorship.

Furnishings and Supplies: What your business furnishings say about you, office desks, racks, stands, front window.

By focusing on specific topics and business discussions you can help educate small businesses to succeed. Make sure you have competent guests for your radio show with adequate knowledge and experience. Please consider all this and think on it.

Post time: 05-07-2017