Ramp Up Sales With a Hot Food Display

If you run a convenience or small grocery store, you know that a lot of your revenue comes from impulse buys purchased near the registers. Cold drink displays have long been a favorite come-on near the checkout, but how about ramping up sales with a hot food display as well? Here are some ideas.

First, the Equipment

In order to pull off an effective and safe hot food display, you need to have the right equipment. Crock pots and improvised machines simply will not be appealing nor are they likely to pass code! After deciding what kinds of hot foods you would like to sell, visit websites of vendors who specialize in supplying hot food displays to the public.

These machines are uniquely engineered for this specific use and come with temperature controls, easy cleaning designs, appealing lighting, and everything you need (other than the food itself) to make this new enterprise a success. Look for designs that make efficient use of surface area, feature energy-saving measures, and whose exteriors are cool to the touch for safety’s sake.

Soup, Anyone?

Anyone can grab a hot dog for lunch, but what about a nice bowl of wholesome soup instead? Many of the noontime convenience or grocery store customers are shopping, but they’re hungry for lunch too. Keeping soup near the check-out line will encourage them to pick up a healthy lunch and satisfy their cravings for something healthy.

Gotta Have Pizza

Teenagers are crazy for pizza. Pre-making both cheese and pepperoni individual pizzas and having them boxed and ready to go near the checkout will guarantee high levels of lunchtime impulse sales from this key demographic. The aroma from the pizza will remind them how hungry they really are as they wait in the check-out line.

What’s For Dinner?

Keep a hot display case full of tantalizing whole rotisserie chickens near the registers and set them at a very reasonable price. Harried moms trying to get home in time to get dinner ready are likely to bypass cooking altogether when they see the delicious chicken display. After all, during the hectic late afternoon hours, mothers are the ultimate impulse buyers!

If you’ve never had a hot case before, choose your design carefully and make sure to purchase from a vendor that offers excellent service. There are literally dozens of styles and sizes to choose from, and one will be just right for your place of business. There’s nothing like the inviting aromas of hot food to tantalize your customers’ taste buds: they’ll be happy and so will your bottom line.

Post time: 08-05-2017