Rapid, effortless, low cost storage cabinets

Basic cabinets to make the most of your storage house. Wooden price tag about $70. You get about 64 sqft of storage, and 32 linear toes of shelf.

Components needed:
2 sheets of 4×8 ply wood (ripped lengthwise, supplied totally free at Hd and Lowes)
eighteen 2″x2″x8′
108 2″ screws
sixty eight 1″ screws
1 staple gun (optional)
1 electric drill (but two is far better!)
1 observed (preferably a miter observed, although any would do the job)
Start to finish it will take about four hours

reduce listing
24 eighteen” 2×2 – these crosspieces will go between the uprights
24 Custom height 2X2 – I use twenty 1/2″ for two concentrations and 15 1/four for two concentrations. Every single level desires 6 of what ever length you pick. These are the uprights.

tip: if attainable, reduce a lot more than a single board at a time. My observed reduce three 2×2′s at the moment with no a problem.

Assemble the squares by inserting two crosspieces between two uprights to type a sq..

tip: keep the squares jointly with staples first. The staples make screwing the squares jointly go a lot faster than striving to brace each individual a single separately by hand or clamp.

Countersink each individual joint about 1/2 an inch. Use a single 2″ screw to join each individual corner. Press challenging to keep the joints nice and tight.

Just after the squares are assembled, connect a rail throughout a few making use of a 2″ screw. Repeat on the other side. Use staples or a partner to stabilize. Be thorough not to check out to screw threw a screw on the other layer. Repeat on the other side.

Put the plywood on prime. Square the body to the plywood. mark three/four of an inch in and mark every single foot together the perimeter of the plywood. Counter sink (not far too deep, just adequate to cover the head). Use 1″ screws to connect sheathing to body. Place a few screws by the squares as effectively: a single by each individual upright and a single in the middle.

Countersink two holes in the bottom crosspiece of the squares. You will use these holes to connect each individual layer to the layer beneath.

It really is most likely really worth including some diagonals at least to the bottom layer for balance, thought I don’t in this video clip.

With no some diagonals these are not superior stand on your own cabinets for the middle of a room. Pushed versus wall, they’re wonderful. You should not ignore to anchor the prime to the wall so that they don’t slide more than on everyone.

I established this video clip with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)

Post time: 10-03-2016