Redesigning Your Store

Has your store started seeming old and out of date? Are people passing you by looking bored and disinterested? It could be time to update your store displays. You will be amazed at how a few key changes can really change the look and feel of your store. From gridwall to the mannequins you choose, the decisions you make can have a big affect on your bottom line.

Let’s start with the basics. If you really want to open up your store and give it a more contemporary feel, it may be time to consider gridwall or slatwall. You can make up to fifty percent more floor space simply by moving things up to the wall. Gridwall and slatwall offer endless options for getting organized. They have hooks, hanging racks, shelves and bars that can accommodate a huge array of products and accessories.

For example, fifteen feet of gridwall can get rid of five circular racks on your sales floor. Not only will you create more space for special displays, but each rack of clothing that you hang on your wall will become its own special display. You can now display the accessories that you would like to promote with each outfit right along side of it. You will be surprised how many people will buy an entire outfit instead of just the shirt when they are displayed together.

Now that you have created space and a feeling of organization, the next step is to vamp up and modernize your displays. Mannequins can accomplish possibly more than any other store fixture when it comes to sales promotion. Seeing an outfit on a body is much more appealing than seeing it on a hanger, or worse, crammed on a rack. You can not only more realistically display outfits, but also give people a sense of connection with your mannequins.

The first rule when it comes to merchandising a mannequin, do not just throw on a shirt and pants and say that you are done. You need to keep in mind how the mannequin will make people feel. Is your store trying to convey a sporty feel? Add accessories such as balls or hurdles and position your mannequins to make them seem like they are in action. People subconsciously want to feel how the mannequin feels when they wear the outfit you are promoting. Keep that feeling in mind when you pose and accessorize your mannequin.

Keeping spaces open and mannequins in motion will update your store and help to draw people in. Making more money is what it is all about and sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands. Keep it fresh and do not let things settle into a non-changing environment. Repeat customers should be interested in seeing what is new every time they walk into your store. Whether it is slatwall, interesting garment racks or mannequins you are after, change can make a real difference in your store.

Post time: 06-17-2017