Retail Mannequin Displays

Back to school time is the time to start getting excited about your retail store making lots of money. To do so, you have really got to focus on what draws customers to your store and what influences their spending. Human beings use a complex range of criteria for deciding what to buy and how much to spend. Teenagers and other back to schoolers are really complex, but there are some basic premises that you can use to try and influence their thinking and spending.

Teenagers in general are influenced by their image, their peers and what they feel makes them stand out as an individual. Following a trend while staying individual is really key here. They want to be among the first to display certain styles or trends and they want to do it better than other kids their age. The bottom line is that you have to provide a visual that jumps out at them and screams, “This will make you look great, trendy and unique!”

Mannequins have long been known to be the most influential of all retail displays. For targeting teenagers frantically back to school shopping, utilizing mannequins is almost 100% necessary. Mannequins help them to identify on a personal level with the display.

Use your mannequin display to market your newest fashions, most expensive merchandise and all of your accessories. When mannequins were first used, it was thought that the clothes would simply sell better if people could see what they looked like on. This gave the clothing a more tailored look. But what they didn’t realize, was that they would have such a powerful effect on accessory sales. Purses, hats, jewelry, shoes, sunglasses and more started selling like crazy. But, why?

The answer is a little complex. It’s not like people weren’t looking at the accessories before. So what changed their mind from browsing to buying? This is where the psychological effect of the mannequin comes into play. By merchandising and accessorizing outfits, you show someone the whole package. Most people have a hard time putting items together to create a look. This is why fashion designers are so successful, they can imagine what will look good together and they do it. So, putting the right purse, hat, gloves, shoes, shirt and skirt together in a way that the customer might not have thought of before, does the work for them. They simply want to get the whole look.

Showing your teenage demographic what looks good, hot, trendy and modern together on a mannequin will take some of the stress of doing all of the thinking for themselves off. They are automatically drawn to interesting displays. Use mannequins in your store and front window to boost your sales this back to school season.

Post time: 01-22-2017