Retail Merchandising Displays – Squeeze Every Last Dollar With 6 Simple Tips

Are you one of those retailers who’s always craving more floor space? Well, I’ll let you in on a secret: You’re not alone. One of the common points on the wish lists of retailers around the globe is more space to display product to keep those registers ringing. It may be part of your long term strategy, but to stay competitive in the short term, it’s critical to ring every last drop of sales possible out of your allotted piece of retail floor space and maximise your return on investment.

The key to making this happen lies hidden in those dark corners and awkward spaces of your retail premises that have already. These spaces are often frustrating, difficult to work with, and at the end of the day, happily neglected. But all you really need is the will to boost your sales, and a few crafty merchandising tricks up your sleeve that you can pull out as required and turn your dull areas into dazzling little deal sealers.

I’m going to share a few simple ideas that can form the building blocks of your awkward and small spaces sales arsenal, to be experimented with, combined and ultimately tailored into killer merchandising displays for your business. Read on!

1. The only way is up! Or down. To get the most from your displays it’s essential to make use of both vertical and horizontal space. We all know about the importance of displaying product in the shoppers’ field of view, but don’t let that lead you to ignore the opportunities to display items above or below eye level. If your customers can see the space, there is no reason that it can’t be transformed into a productive little goldmine that nicely supplements the most lucrative display areas on your shop floor. All you need to do is wrestle the eyes of shoppers using some of the black belt display tactics listed below!

2. More is more! One tactic to attract more attention to those harder to see areas is to be excessive. Go over the top with adding display accessories such as wobblers, shelf talkers, lighting or sirens that can’t help but be noticed. Depending on the type of shop interior you’re working with, you might think that this kind of in your face technique will ruin the visual appeal of your displays, but don’t mistake this merchandising method for simply cluttering up a space – it’s all about creating contrast with the surroundings. So if your displays are very minimal, you’ll have success creating displays that are excessive by your regular standards, though in fact they may be quite refined when compared to displays used by other retailers.

3. Shine a little light! Have you ever been in the audience at a concert or stage show? Did you notice how effectively the spot lights are used to guide your eye to where the action is? Probably not, because you were too busy taking it all in, but this same effect can be created in a retail environment. A more brightly lit area will command attention regardless of where it is. Just be sure not to over do it, you don’t want to steal centre stage from star performers. Just a small increase in light levels can be enough to turn a dark corner from a dead spot to a valuable piece of promotional real estate. What’s best is that this technique is frequently overlooked by retailers, so you’ll be one step ahead!

4. Razzle dazzle ‘em! Use colour to draw the eye. Again the amount of colour required will depend on the other merchandising displays in your shop. For example, a single block of colour will grab attention when placed within a very busy merchandising display. You only need to think of those particularly effective soft drink displays in refrigerators and supermarket aisles for proof of this tactic – when viewing the products on display, shoppers are hit with a wall of red that instantly grabs their attention. It’s simple and very effective.

5. Focus, Spotlight, Highlight! Focusing your targeted space into dedicated display zone for a single product or product range gives it a cohesive and considered feel, thus elevating it’s importance and commanding attention. “A product range with its own dedicated zone? This must be worth checking out”, the shoppers reason. It’s a simple, but classic less is more approach – less headaches and more sales!

6. Repeat, Re-shuffle and Renew! Finally, make sure to re-merchandise your target space often in an effort to bring new interest to it while also giving the items there new life in another space in your store. Remember that the key to successful merchandising is renewal. This is the single most important rule for positive sales impact. So stay on the ball, be ahead of the game and never stop thinking of you next merchandising move.

Making the most of your retail display space isn’t rocket science, but it does take commitment, but by keeping in mind the steps above you’re already well on you way. Happy retailing!

Post time: 05-19-2017