Retail Product Packaging — The Top Ten Reasons Retort Pouches Are Better Than Cans

If you’ve been to the supermarket recently, chances are you’ve seen them: the new packaging methods being used to house products that used to only appear in cans. The grocery store has never seen so much innovation!

Where once they could only use cans, in recent years manufacturers of products like tuna fish, pet food, and nuts have taken the initiative to look at new types of packaging. These methods not only make their product more appealing to consumers, but also make it all-around better.

Jessica Simpson may have breathed new life into the Chicken of the Sea® brand, but even she couldn’t outdo the benefits of retort flexible packaging, a special pouch that uses steam or super-heated water to pre-cook food in its own package. Thanks to flexible packaging, manufacturers are finding new and exciting ways to market their products. Here is a brief list of just some of the ways retort flexible packaging have revolutionized the once-tired food-in-a-can industry:

1. Retort technology means food is pre-cooked, needing little (if any) additional preparation. And for those consumers that appreciate convenience, the less cooking, the better!

2. Today’s consumers demand convenience, so the flexible retort pouch is appealing because it can be re-sealed. Someone who opens a can of tuna and prepares half of it must then find a way to store what remains. With a re-sealable zip seal pouch, there’s no need for other storage methods!

3. Believe it or not, retort technology makes food taste better. Here, food is spread out evenly, so it cooks faster than in a can. In cans, product at the edges can overcook, while product in the center can undercook. This problem is eliminated by the flexible pouch.

4. Flexible retort pouches are longer and wider than cans, so space for your brand message is increased. You can use graphic designs to catch consumers’ attention.

5. The pouches’ unique construction (usually high-grade plastic, aluminum, or a blend of the two) take well to high-tech printing methods – so your artwork will really stand out at retail.

6. Retort flexible pouches can be made to stand up on retail shelves, or hang in a peg display, which increases your merchandising opportunities.

7. What is one of the biggest complaints consumers have about cans? Sharp edges, of course! With retort flexible pouches, this problem is completely eliminated.

8. Before packages are filled, they can be stored flat, unlike cans. With warehouse space usually at a premium, this can free up a lot of room, and make for very happy warehouse managers.

9. Retort packages weigh less than cans, so you’ll save money on transportation and shipping.

10. Most people think cans are more durable. Actually, retort flexible pouches are because they are made of several different high-quality layers that offer superior strength and resiliency. No dents here!

In closing, retort pouches continue to gain popularity along with other styles of flexible packaging such as standup pouches and barrier bags. While using cans may be a thing of the past, retort pouches and other types of flexible packaging are certain to be in our future.

Post time: 03-17-2017