Retail Security-Locking Stores Inside and Out

When discussing retail store security you start with the outside locks and work toward the inside. All outside doors should have strong deadbolt type locks and should also be alarmed. If there are multiple stores you could consider SFIC (small format interchangeable core) locks.These would offer the convenience of rapid lock rekeying when personnel leaves.You should know how many keys you have and where they are at all times, this is called key control.

When you look at inside security there are many things that you should consider such as:

  • What are you trying to secure and what the value is
  • Do you have display cases, what is in them and where are they located
  • Security cameras with video and audio recording should be considered for any type retail store, Wi Fi access is also a plus
  • If you are in a high theft retail business you should consider RFID tags that can be attached to the merchandise with a sensor near the door that will sound an alarm if the tag is not removed. The tag is removed with a special device located at the cash register
  • Cash registers can be networked together within the same store and between multiple store locations
  • Tight inventory control to reduce retail and internal theft

As the stores get larger and multiple store are added security get more complicated. However if security is a priority from the start then it is easier and less expensive when expanding. But what if a new owner buys a group of stores.In this case the outside locks should be replaced immediately so that the new owners knows that he has the only keys to his stores.From there it is important to take careful inventory of the items inside the store and what items need to be secured. As the new owner goes through the items inside the store, related to security, thought should be given to future expansion.

Security is not cheap, so just like putting locks on your house you must start with questions that must be answered such as what are you trying to protect, what is the value of those items and probably the most important question are you protecting people.When you answer these question then a plan can be developed as to how much the cost will be.

Remember the price of a lock purchased from a big box store will be cheaper than a lock purchased from a service center, but the security will be cheaper also.

Post time: 02-20-2017