Retail Space Issues Solved by Wrapping Paper Storage

With the winter holidays behind them, many retailers are left gearing up for spring and summer with rolls upon rolls of wrapping paper, and no place to put it. In-store wrapping is big business during the Christmas and Valentine’s Day shopping seasons, but retailers must find a way to store gift wrapping paper through the other three seasons of the year. Wrapping paper storage dispensers are one way to restore order and preserve paper for future use. They also help retailers organize and store paper for easy location and recovery.

Wrapping paper dispensers are a great storage solution both in and out of the peak holiday season. They give retailers an efficient way to manage, sort and access wrapping paper supply, and keep it out of the way when it’s not in use.

Gift wrap dispensers really began to become popular as stores started adding specialty services, like gift wrapping, as a competitive advantage in recent years. Of course it’s more cost effective to buy wrapping paper in large rolls, so retailers needed a way to keep the rolls out of the way and prevent them from being torn or soiled. Enter wrapping paper storage dispensers.

Depending on the specific retailer’s available space, there are a variety of dispensers to choose from. Dispensers come in both vertical and horizontal storage designs, and most can hold between three and five rolls at a time. Display and storage solutions also exist for tissue paper and ribbons.

Wrapping paper dispensers are also a great way to address a problem facing most independent retailers- a lack of usable space. Dispensers give them a way to successfully store and dispense wrapping paper when it’s needed, and conserve space when it’s not.

Post time: 05-09-2017