Retail Store Construction – Fixture Removal

Retail store construction – fixture removal and installation is one of our specialties.

Today the #verycoolguys of Construction were called out to complete a retail store fixture removal. The store is moving to a different location and needed an old fixture removed just in time!

We started by removing all the old merchandise, then we removed the bolts and screws holding this fixture to the wall. The fixture was then broken down in to small manageable pieces to prepare it for removal from the retail store through the mall. The fixture then made its way through the mall and was loaded in to trucks. There is one more step before this retail fixture is ready for the Dump.

A big part of a retail fixture demolition is debranding of all signage. Anything that has the clients name on it must be destroyed fully, we don’t want any part of this retail fixture showing up on E-Bay!

It was a good thing that this retail client knew who to call for their fixture removal! The #verycoolguys are the best at retail store construction, always very neat and precise.

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Post time: 09-16-2017