Retail trailer for sale

1990 50ft Kentucky

office area in the front which features a long wrap counter to service customers from the office which is approximately 15 feet long
The counter has a work space for a computer which includes a computer screen mounted and a undercounter cashier drawer below the computer screen
There are two air conditioners front and rear of the trailer
There are lots of cabinets in the office area and also includes a refrigerator and microwave slot wall for hanging on one wall
The counter on the customer side has lots of drawers and cupboards and two shelves for display
There is a huge mirror across from the doorway in to the trailer approximately 4 feet wide and 7 feet tall
There are 2 areas of slot wall for display on the right side of the trailer as a person walks towards the rear separated by two floor to ceiling closets with shelves
There is a double hanging rack for clothing
At the rear of the trailer is a dressing room complete with light and bench
Across the back are shelves which we used for supplies
As you walk from the entrance to the rear of the trailer on the left is slot wall and then a long counter with cupboards below and above the counter with a display hook on each door
After the counter are two more hanging racks for clothing
Then display shelves and another large closet
The trailer has lots track lighting for lighting the walls besides the entire trailer
There is carpeting throughout the trailer
Outside there are belly boxes under the trailer on both sides for storage
A long awning goes across the front of the trailer
Under the awning there are hangers for grid wall for display
The entrance is a sliding glass door with stairs that store under the trailer.
Alcoa aluminum wheels

Post time: 02-18-2017