Retail Window Displays – Do the Basics and Do Them Well!

Here’s a frightening statistic – On average a shop window display has just 3 seconds to convert passers-by into customers. Go on, count to three…1,…2,…3. There! You just lost a customer!

With that in mind, let’s not waste any more time. To make the very most of this brief “window” of opportunity, it is essential that your displays not only do the basics, but do them well. It is these basics of window merchandising that will allow you to “hook” the attention of your target, before you start presenting them with some more complex offers or narratives.

So, while keeping it simple, here’s what your window display will need to have any chance of impressing on your next wave of potential customers:

Calling All Shoppers

Window displays need not only to capture the attention of passers-by, but also to motivate shoppers to act on their interest. Think about it… these people are out there shopping – they want to buy things! Your job is to convince them that your product is the answer to all their woes and to give them a good reason to buy it right NOW! First and foremost there must be a clear call to action.

You’re Selling What?

This seems a little obvious, but you’d be surprised how often it is over-looked. Shoppers need to understand exactly what it is that you’re selling. I can almost hear you saying it: “I’m not an idiot! Of course they get what I’m selling!” And don’t get me wrong, I’d never say you’re an idiot, just be sure to double check that the actual product hasn’t been lost in the creative masterpiece of your window display.

Are We Clear?

You need to send a clear message. And to send a clear message, you need to be clear on what your message is. Are we clear? OK, good. But this point isn’t over yet. The clearest message in the world won’t make you a cent in sales if it’s a message that people aren’t interested in hearing. This, of course, comes down to knowing your market. It’s a topic far too vast to cover here and something that I sincerely hope you already have under control – or we might as well just put down our pens and pencils and go home!

So there you have it! Some basic points to consider when designing your next window display. Although they may seem a little obvious, but you’d be surprise how often they’re neglected – even by the so-called “professionals”. And let’s face it, if you’re to have any chance of your message cutting through today’s saturated retail landscape, you have to do the basics and do them well – and all in just 3 seconds!

Post time: 08-05-2017