RGB LED Display Plinth

Luminati Waycon Ltd – Illuminated Plinth Display

Here is a short clip of a bespoke display plinth Luminati Waycon Ltd designed and manufactured.

The Exhibition plinth was designed to promote a new product at an exhibition and was required to pulsate between Red and Green lighting.

Using RGB LED’s we programmed the display to fade between the two colours, and the customer was able to control the speed and function of the lighting.

We regularly incorporate LED lighting into our designs, from Acrylic merchandisers to Perspex light boxes.

Luminati design and manufacture a huge range of standard and bespoke products, specialising in Acrylic design, we cover the following product ranges:-

• Acrylic Branding Blocks
• Acrylic Furniture
• Acrylic Lecterns
• Acrylic Picture Frames
• Acrylic Tables
• Album Book Display Stands
• Bespoke Glorifier Units
• Branding And Printing
• Brochure Displays
• Brochure Stands
• Business Card Display
• Business Card Holders
• Car Showroom Displays
• Church Lecterns
• Corporate Gifts
• Cosmetic Displays
• Counter Card Displays
• Counter Display Cases
• Counter Top
• Countertop Stands
• Desktop Accessories
• Desktop Lecterns
• Digital Advertising Displays
• Digital Advertising Screens
• Digital Print and Branding
• Dump Bins
• Exhibition Display Cases
• Exhibition Displays
Glass Cabinet
• Glasses Displays
• Greeting Card Displays
• Illuminated Cabinets
• Illuminated Plinths
• iPad & Tablet Displays
• Jewellery Displays
• Lecterns
• Literature Displays
• Magazine Bins
• Medical Displays
• Model Display Cases
• Newspaper Displays
• Optical Displays
• Optician Displays
• Pic n Mix Displays
• Product Displays
Retail Display Cases
Retail Display Stands
Retail Display Systems
• School & University Displays
• Showroom Displays
• Staff Wallboards
• Suggestion Boxes
• Trade Counter Displays
• Trophy Cabinet
• TV Riser
• TV Stand


Post time: 03-13-2017