Ripping Retail: Busting Basketball Rack Packs 3x 2008-09 Fleer for the Jordans

this is my favorite rack pack from 2008, these fleer rack packs had retail exclusive jordan inserts, averaging 2 per rack pack, you can get up to 4 sometimes, if you are lucky, in one rack pack

shoutout to the NBA, let the games begin!

like i said before, ‘keep hoop alive!’ copyright 2011

if you find any in a retail store near you, of these jordan rack packs, for sale at $2, PLEASE pick up a few for me, 10 or more is fine, i will pay for the shipping too, if you want to split the cost, that is fine too, i am just interested in the jordans, not all of them, if you want a few for yourself, i just want the bulls cards, you can have everything else… the rack packs only, not retail packs, and not the blasters, and only the rack packs that i show you clearly in the video, it says, two exclusive MJ cards in every pack! on average

Post time: 09-04-2017