Robbers with a hammer

This is the scary moment a gang armed with sledgehammers and AK-47 assault rifles walked into a packed shopping centre before ransacking a jewellery store.

The gang – estimated to be nine-strong – strode around smashing display cabinets and grabbing expensive items on sale in the shop, in Cape Town, South Africa.

Eyewitness Akona Naidoo, 38, told a local TV station: “They marched in together wearing construction overalls and didn”t seem to care that people could see them.

“They had sacks and sledgehammers and just started smashing the place up and stuffing in whatever they wanted.

“They didn”t seem to be in a hurry at all, and then they marched off as if they didn”t have a care.”

One of the attackers wielding a sledgehammer

Police have released CCTV footage of the robbery in a bid to identify the men.

It shows terrified staff cowering under desks and customers, including a woman with a young baby, running into the back of the store and hiding from the armed men.

After stuffing their bags, the gang left the Harris & D’arcy jewellers, climbing into three cars – a silver Mercedes-Benz, a white Audi A4 and a silver Volkswagen Golf 6.

Some of the men can also be seen filling their pockets.

Police arrived after the gang had fled and cordoned off the area.

Workers at the Blue Route Mall have complained it was just the latest in a series of robberies in a country often described as one of the world”s most dangerous.

Post time: 10-05-2017