Rolling Store Displays – Convenient, Versatile, and Attractive

Convenience, versatility, and attractiveness are key elements when it comes to choose display fixtures – and rolling store displays provide it all.

Rolling Store Displays Increase Convenience for Everyone

Convenience is critical for both you and your customers. You have a business to run, and want to spend as little time as possible creating effective and attractive merchandise displays. Your customers have lives outside of shopping, and want to spend as little time as possible locating just the right product.

Using mobile store fixtures for your displays helps achieve that convenience. These mobile store displays are convenient because:

  • You can stock them anywhere you’d like (such as in your store’s stock or storage room or near the back of the store out of your customers’ way) and then easily move them to wherever in the store you want to situate the display.
  • You can easily move them from one location to the next, which makes creating new merchandise displays quick and easy.
  • Your customers can rotate them for easier merchandise viewing.

Rolling Store Displays Are Versatile

Versatility is an important feature in store display fixtures for two reasons.

First, versatile display tools allow you to get the most potential out of your fixtures and displays.

Rolling store fixtures:

  • Allow you to display a variety of merchandise types.
  • Are available in numerous styles, which allows you to create or add to your store’s decor or theme.
  • Can be used as storage or organizational tools should the time come you no longer want to use them on your store’s floor.

Second, and as a consequence of the first, because versatility allows you to get the most potential out of your fixtures and displays, it also allows you to save money because you don’t have to buy new fixtures every time you want to change your displays.

Rolling Store Displays Allow You to Create Attractive Merchandise Displays

Mobile store fixtures are available in a wide variety of styles, making it easy for you to choose the version that best suits your store’s decor – or create a whole new “look” for your business!

You can find rolling store fixtures like:

  • Mobile Wooden Racks: You can find mobile wooden racks with as many as 20 wooden baskets situated on shelves, great for holding everything from produce, candy, and other food items and snacks to small children’s toys, craft and hobby items, and travel-sized hygiene products.
  • Rolling Wicker Displays: Like mobile wooden racks, rolling wicker baskets add extra charm to your merchandise displays. These mobile store fixtures are available in a variety of heights and are ideal for showcasing lightweight merchandise like candy and some produce.
  • Rolling Wire Racks: Rolling wire racks are available in numerous sizes and styles. Think of these racks as the kinds of racks you see in gas stations and convenience stores, though many other kinds of businesses use them (such as movie rental stores for candy displays and bookstores for showcasing sale items).

Post time: 08-28-2017