Russia: Putin sparkles on ‘Imperial Crimea’ jewellery

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C/U Ring in condition of double-headed imperial eagle
M/S Jewelry in exhibit cupboard
W/S Pyotr Aksenov placing box in jewellery cupboard
M/S Aksenov’s fingers opening box carrying gold ring with Vladimir Putin’s profile
C/U Gold ring with Vladimir Putin’s profile
M/S Aksenov keeping ring in condition of double-headed imperial eagle
M/S Ring in condition of double-headed imperial eagle
M/S Box with jewellery with Putin’s profile
C/U Pieces of jewellery with Putin’s profile
M/S Crown
M/S Table with e-book and statue on prime
SOT, Pyotr Aksenov, jewellery designer (Russian): “We did earrings and a ring and designed cufflinks with the profile of the President since it happened to me. Here’s the gold coin with the profile of Nicholas II, that everybody is aware of about, just like coins with any other Russian Tsar. It is a image of the chief and this is this sort of a image. Here’s a cufflink. That is, we did not want to do anything at all corny like T-shirts with description of the president at some issue of his everyday living. We drew a profile. And it gives a trace that this is without a doubt the head of govt. And a ton of people today, I assume, will wear it with fantastic pleasure.”
W/S Space with jewellery on exhibit


The most new jewellery collection developed by Russian designer Pyotr Aksenov, named “Imperial Crimea” in honour of the Russian Imperial family, was unveiled in exhibition Friday in Moscow.

The ranges of the collection involves components of the coat of arms of the Russian Empire as nicely as that of the Romanovs, but a distinctive purchase of ring and earrings with Russian President Vladimir Putin’s profile has been drawing distinctive focus. Aksenov’s collection also attributes Princess Vorontsova’s earrings, the Dulber ring, Alupka palace earrings and lots of much more.

The designer said he was inspired by the architecture of the Crimean palaces and that it was unveiled to mark four-hundredth anniversary of the founding of the dynasty in 1613. Aksenov also said that the decided on title experienced no political connotation in relationship to Crimea rejoining Russia before this 12 months.

Aksenov started his individual manufacturer in 2011 and considering the fact that then has proved to be well-known among Russian shoppers keen to remember the luxurious of Tsarist periods.

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