Safe Ways to Protect Your Challenge Coin Collection

Many collectors have developed an obsession for challenge coins. Their passion may have started when they received their first one, or after they inherited one from a close relative. Others simply enjoy the challenge of finding unusual, yet valuable collectibles.

Like with most valuables, challenge coins should be kept in a display case. These coins are not very big and can easy be lost if not secured properly. Even if you are extremely careful when handling your mementos, little children do find shiny and colorful objects quite fascination. One moment of distraction, and one of your precious coins could disappear forever.

There are various types of coin display cases available today.

- Wall cabinets – Made from furniture-grade hardwood, these beautifully designed display cabinets are your safest option if you have little tykes running around the house.

- Desk display cases – Attractive and affordable, a challenge coin will feel right at home in this type of display unit.

- Row coin display racks – These stands only have one or 2 rows, and are perfect for beginners. They can hold military coins, casino chips, service medals, or any type of coin.

- Glass domes – If you only have one coin, simply buy a single glass display dome.

Storing your collection neatly in a stylish display case will not only keep it safe from little, exploring fingers, but also from dust and harmful UV rays.

Challenge coin display units are available in stores and from vendors online. Prices vary depending on size and style.

Post time: 03-18-2017