Samsung Turns OLED Displays Into Virtual Fitting Rooms

Trying on clothes can be a pain. Why not let Samsung’s OLED display panels do the work? The company this week showed off two new displays, one of which lets people see themselves wearing clothes, shoes, or accessories.
The second screen, meanwhile, is transparent and projects a hologram of sorts.
Both devices tap into Intel’s Real Sense technology, and are intended for retail outlets that want to provide customers with a virtual fitting room. But Samsung said the Mirror Display (pictured) might also one day replace home mirrors.
During their debut this week at a shopping showcase in Hong Kong, Samsung’s panels featured a virtual necklace from Chow Sang Sang jewelry company. Exhibit visitors were invited to stand in front of the mirrored screen to visualize what the necklace would look like on their own body.

Post time: 09-04-2017