Second hand stores suffering from economic slowdown

(5 Feb 2009)
New York – Jan 30, 2009
1. Pan Encore thrift store on upper east side
2. Mid shot woman shopping clothing racks
3. Mid shot pink Chanel jacket
4. Tight shot marked-down price tag on Chanel jacket
5. SOUNDBITE: (English): Greg Selig, owner of Encore consignment store:
“With retail stores dropping down those prices to that level, then that’s going to affect the resale business because we are selling the high-end stuff, but we are selling it at a discount and when the retail stores start discounting further than us, then that’s going to take our sales away.”
6. Pull out from marked-down price tag on Fendi leather shirt
7. SOUNDBITE: (English): Sheri Walters, Vox Pop
“It’s really surprising, but the only thing you can do is be happy, that’s it, that you can pay cheaper for high end things.”
8. Mid shot marked-down price tag on brand-new Mendel dress
9. Pull out from woman trying out jacket
10. SOUNDBITE: (English): Jennifer Dantoni, Vox Pop
“I’m not really being affected by it. I see a lot of my friends that are in banking that are affected and they’re losing their jobs, but for the most part, I’m taking advantage of it. I mean I just found ten pairs of shoes, I’m not joking and I’m getting all of them. They’re brand new and they’re like dirt cheap.”
11. Mid shot Manolo Blahnik shoes on shelf
12. Tight shot Manolo shoes
13. SOUNDBITE: (English): Greg Selig, owner of Encore consignment (thrift) store:
“We have gone through other recession periods where Encore has done very well and stood out from the other retail clothing industries, but this was the one real big difference where we really saw a drastic downturn in that one month, in a six-week period, so that puts the alert buttons out and to keep an eye on whether we have to change strategy.”
14. Mid shot woman shopping
15. Exterior of Housing Works thrift store in West Village
16. Close of Housing Works sign
17. Pan interior of Housing Works store
18. Mid shot red sofa
19. Tight shot marked-down price tag on red sofa
20. SOUNDBITE: (English): Richard Vorisek, President of Housing Works thrift stores:
“On the more expensive, higher ticker items like furniture, things are definitely a little more challenging, because people I think are holding off buying new apartments, renovating their living rooms and bedrooms and that’s when we would get donations, when someone buys a new sofa or bureau, then they call us up and say, hey can you come get our stuff. So we are basically kind of asking New Yorkers to continue to be generous.”
21. Pull out “$5 cash and carry” sign on side table
22. SOUNDBITE: (English): Alberto Cortinas, Vox Pop
“It’s good for the consumer, like I repeat coming here actually there is sometimes there’ll be a price of three hundred, I’ll just keep waiting, maybe it’ll be gone next week or in three days, but I’ll just keep trying to see if it’ll be a little bit lower so it can fit in my pocket.”
23. Tilt up armoire
24. Tight shot of marked-down price tag for wardrobe
25. Mid shot man making purchases at register
26. Tight shot of man counting money
27. SOUNDBITE: (English): Kip Cosson, Vox Pop
“Well I think people are probably a little more conscious of how they’re spending their money and do I really need that? Whereas before it was just I like this, I’ll just buy it, but people are a little more careful.”
28. Mid shot shoppers
29. SOUNDBITE: (English): Richard Vorisek, President of Housing Works thrift stores:
30. Close of woman shopping for clothes
As the global economic slowdown continues, second hand stores in Manhattan are beginning to feel the pinch.
They’re facing stiff competition from department and designer stores who’ve cut their prices dramatically.

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