Selling Jewelry to Women

The success of any jewelry business lies with the increasing clients. And women appreciate jewelry more than men and so treating your women clients with great care and respect can certainly make your profits soar.

It is obvious that as a jewelry designer, a majority of your target buyers are women. Women love jewelry and women spend hours and hours deciding to buy and eventually buy a piece of jewelry. So how do you go about establishing your jewelry business so that you target your client base? How do you promote your business so as to attract and retain your client base? Some of the tips (if not all) can positively help you in promoting your jewelry business and target your potential women client:

1. Establish a promotional tie-up with a quality clothing retailer – any customer spending above a certain amount of money would receive a discount coupon / gift certificate for your store.

2. How about a vice-versa tie-up with say, a hair salon? Establish a tie-up with a quality hair salon where women who buy above a certain price range in your shop would then receive a gift certificate / discount coupon to visit the hair salon.

3. Being a part of local shows, kitty-party, women organization or anything similar can boost the goodwill tremendously with the locals.

4. Donate gift certificates to charitable causes – this works especially if the committee members are mostly made up of women.

5. Target your clients through newspapers – don’t ignore the sports pages or the business sections as modern women are known to read these sections avidly.

6. Make sure your advertisements are also placed in upscale fashion publications. Frame such nice ads and put them up on your store walls in a nice manner.

7. Display the jewelry as it is meant to be worn. Don’t just display them on a pad – put pins or brooches on a blouse or a scarf and show them off to your potential clients.

8. Make sure that your staff is well dressed, especially in the context of the market you are going to target.

9. Organize your displays / merchandise according to the price range. Don’t group expensive items with inexpensive items. Be sure to include any costing tags or price tags on the piece of jewelry and the same should be properly visible to the clients. If you are not comfortable with visible price labels, you can put up price range label (From $50 to $70) on the display case.

10. Show ensembles in different price ranges. This will allow women with smaller budgets to make purchases in your shop as well.

11. Make sure that your store hours are favorable for professional women – it is logical that women won’t be able to shop at your store if your store is open only when they are at work.

12. Provide for ample parking space around your shop. Make sure your shop parking area has good security. At late hours, offer to have a guard escort your women customers back to their cars.

13. Don’t forget that little touches mean a lot. Women easily get attracted to fancy wares. So don’t forget to offer them something in lovely glassware. It will create a good impression of the stores standards.

14. Make sure your store bathrooms (especially those that customers can use) are well appointed. Use scented soaps, guest towels, potpourri – these subtle touches make women feel very comfortable while they are shopping at your store.

All these ideas should help you with creating the right client base, and create the right ambience and provide the right touch of elegance for your store, which eventually will help you build up your jewelry business.

Post time: 06-14-2017