Semi Cherished Stone Jewellery

Interest CRAFTS

In addition to the several skilled products and solutions, Punto Accessori also will make it probable for haberdasher’s and crafts enthusiasts to develop jewellery on their very own. In truth, more than 700 goods are available in hassle-free pouches bearing our logo and made up of compact amounts. Give absolutely free reign to your creativity and make your very own individual jewellery accent. You can select only the ideal components and metal findings for jewellery or demonstrate off your very own ethnic jewellery creations which are all the rage. The resources that can be utilised vary from the typical metal components for jewellery to glass, from shell to wood, from semi-treasured stones to bone.

You can decide no matter whether to make typical bead jewellery or develop jewellery like none that has ever been noticed ahead of, probably in mother-of-pearl. On the web-site you will find anything you want, you only include your creativity. Also, if you get your close friends concerned, you could spot orders for amounts that enable you make the most of the advantages Punto Accessori presents: look at out the table of bargains!!

For these who desire to set up a unique region for these products and solutions in their haberdashery shop, get hold of us for vertical display conditions for the pouches or table stands for the spools of chain. So what are you ready for? Generating your very own jewellery components has never been this quick.


In any output sector, having the suitable equipment is crucial to achieving the ideal final results. Punto Accessori has selected the ideal glues, made by the ideal brands, to offer you you only the ideal. For gluing any sort of cloth we advise Bison Textile for gluing nearly anything else, no matter whether it be components for leather-based items, shoes or nearly anything else, you can depend on Uhu As well as.


A basic metal finding for jewellery, the location is the foundation utilised to perform up the accent. They come in brass and zamak, with or devoid of prongs, and vary from the classical to the most extravagant shapes. They are very valuable in creating components for shoes, leather-based items or clothes. Settings are a important factor for jewellery building.


The jewellery-building chain is a harmony among esthetic beauty, processing technique and output quality. The broad sector for such goods ranges from the smallest chains, wires and hyperlinks to mesh sheets, from brass to steel or aluminum, with beads or with strass. They come in so several shapes that some chains, fit with a standard necklace clasp, can very easily turn into a uncomplicated, fashionable belt or a full jewellery accent.

Metallic Conclusions

One particular of the biggest sections on the entire web-site, metal findings for jewellery-building are basic components for producing jewellery and significantly more. The several sections vary from the lynchpins of the trade such as earring wires and backings, necklace clasps and close parts, brooches, important chains, rods, wires and filigree in other text the constructing blocks of jewellery-building resources. If you want to develop any accent for shoes, clothes or leather-based items in normal, this is your setting up place.

Parts IN PLASTIC AND Ab muscles

This area offers the classical goods such as plastic beads, the pioneer of the initially bead jewellery, or cameos and plastic cabochons, and other more complex parts that just take on a new purpose in compositions using glass beads or sequins. Ab muscles is a individual chapter. This materials is very in vogue these days since it maintains its shape and presents the benefits of plastic but, like metals, it can be given a galvanized colour impact.


Highly unusual parts, great for ethnic jewellery, the Chinese lacquers can be divided into 2 simple categories. The black lacquers set individual decorative decorations on a dim glossy, refined history the red lacquers are utilised in aid, again set on a dim history to develop contrasting parts that are of undisputed impact.


This area is devoted to goods manufactured absolutely of resins or which are simply just resin-coated. They offer you an alternate strategy for jewellery components that are different from the normal. Generating is quick: all you want is jewellery wire, some resin item, a necklace clasp and voil.

Pure Supplies

More than 1100 goods of organic origin such as: bone, horn, wood, semi-treasured stones, semi organic factors, bark, trimmings and glass. From the resources to the widest vary of shapes, a splendid range to wear character and develop ethnic or semi-treasured stone jewellery and have a custom made-intended jewellery accent.


A group specially devoted to the entire world of shells. The several goods commence with the uncomplicated shapes located in character and transfer on to the most complex, advanced applications. We propose shells, set on jewellery wire, as organic trim for individual applications such as furnishings. Uncomplicated goods manufactured of other resources are skillfully lined with shell perform to turn into treasured parts for jewellery components or leather-based items and clothes.

Murrina glass:

This is the biggest area of the entire web-site, supplying 3000 different goods of murrina glass, all of our manufacture. Generating glass jewellery has never been easier. The goods vary from strong colour to the “millefiori” murrina glass, usually developed on a copper foundation, and on to the classical transparent, baseless glass “mini-bricks” that impart important light-colour outcomes.


A vast vary of parts for producing glass jewellery that ranges from typical beads, no matter whether easy or lower glass, to multicolor compositions, pendants and sequins. Great for decorating and improving clothes or leather-based items or for producing genuine and good jewellery components.

Handbags Accessories

A selection of distinctive goods for purses which include, handles, mirrors or metal terminal parts. The group, destined not only for leather-based items suppliers but also other people, presents handles in wood, bamboo, bone, lined with shell or enameled, to give the accent a remaining style impact or a discrete touch of class.

SEMI-Labored Parts

This group addresses goods that have already been worked and which can be utilised ‘as is’ or as components for more complex jewellery components. The area with enamels and strass is very advanced, turning popular jewellery resources into actually unique components.

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