Shopfitting Supplies to Help Your Business Grow

Are you looking for shopfitting supplies to enhance your retail shop and help your business grow? Well you’re in luck. In this short video we outline the essential shopfitting supplies needed for any retail store. Let’s take a look;
1. Accessory Wall: Every retail store has to have an accessory wall. It doesn’t matter what type of fashion you sell, you need to be taking advantage of bundle purchases and up-sales by having an accessory wall. Pegs, hooks, Multi-compartment shelves are ideal.
2. Lighting: Just as important is good lighting. Display your merchandise in its best light to showcase the produce and create a mood. Halogen, LED, fluorescent & recessed are great for doing this.
3. Shelves: what would a retail store be without shelves? Create a dynamic space by introducing shelving. This will allow products to be displayed more predominantly and ensure your more up-market pieces are more easily seen. Consider Recessed, Hung, Modular & Retractable shelved.
4. Display systems: Don’t get left behind. Hi-tech devices such touch screens, QR codes & thermal imaging scanners are being introduced into stores around the world. Take advantage of new technology. An online store or phone app is a must.
5. Mirror: People like to know what a piece of clothing, an accessory or a pair of shoes will look like on them before they comment to a purchase. Don’t skimp on the important things. Wall or floor, floor-to-ceiling and skinny mirrors are idea for change/dressing rooms.
There you have it. Our list of essential shopfitting supplies to enhance your retail shop and help your business grow. For more information, advice or a quote on your retail shopfitting, call us today on 07 5564 7525 or visit us online at

Post time: 05-01-2017