Shot Glass Rack – What You Must Know Before Buying Them

You may choose to buy shot glasses in order to impress your friends with bar tricks or just as memoirs from holidays. In either case, you will need a shot glass rack to display your collection. If you display them in the beautiful racks that can be availed from online sources, then they will surely become the center of attraction, wherever they are displayed.

Many online suppliers have brands a glass rack which has removable shelves so that you can keep the standard as well as the double shot glasses. There are many kinds of such racks available online, such as stationary or removable shelves, different types of wooden ones, mirrored ones and with or without doors. You can organize the collection in a number of original ways.

If you are wondering where to place the shot glass rack, it should be done at eye-level so that people don’t need to strain themselves to see it. Also, keep it away from doors so that the vibration of closing and opening doors does not rattle the glass and damage it. It should also be away from the ground at a height, so that children and dogs do not disturb it.

Many online shops offer you a glass display rack in the form of a cabinet with clear acrylic door and a felt background, which is ideal for serious shot glass collectors. The number of shelves and the quantity of shot glasses it can hold are clearly mentioned in the product description in the websites. Most of them come with wall brackets on the back of the display rack for easy hanging in the wall-mounted type. The glass provided is hinged and made of plexi-glass or acrylic which protects your precious collection from dust and damage.

Other details such as the dimensions, the space between the rows with all the shelves and the space available when a row is removed, is also provided along with the interior depth. You can see enlarged pictures. The type of finish is also mentioned, such as mahogany, and lacquer on natural solid wood.

You can even buy these as gifts for a shot glass collector, as it is a great way to showcase his collections. Many of the online suppliers offer great brands made of fine quality hardwood made by experienced and gifted craftsmen and the surface too is smooth and elegant. The ones with the mirrored background create a magical effect and they even offer anchors for extra weight support.

The shot glass rack is actually a mirror of your personal adventures and is one way for you to remember them too. So avail of the beautiful glass rack for yourself or to gift a dear one, from your online supplier at the earliest.

Post time: 02-11-2017