Simply Wooden Creations Scroll Saw Artist Contest 2015 – Halloween Window Display – Wacky Wood Works

Halloween Window Display
This part of Simply Wooden Creations Scroll Saw Artist Contest 2015

Contest play list found here

WWW Project Page:

Pattern layout will be on website soon

Filmed on a GoPro Hero 4 Silver with built in mic & Nikon D5500 & shotgun mic.
All Music is copyright by “Nighthawk” (yes me) written and produced by “Nighthawk”
* Pie Chaser
* Dance Fever
* Pink Slippers


Disclaimer: Any video or tutorial are intended for entertainment and inspiration purpose only and not educational. Woodworking and power tools can be dangerous. I may use a tool in a certain way, does NOT mean you should. Always seek professional advice or training and please read any manual before using any power tool. If you have any uncertainty before performing any woodworking procedure, stop and learn a safer alternative method. Do not attempt anything simply because you saw it via I do not accept any responsibility for any injuries you may incur from replication of what you see in these videos.

Post time: 04-07-2017