Slatted Gondola Units – An Alternative to Standard Shelving

Working out the layout of any retail business can be a fraught affair, and even though new shopfitting systems such as slatwall have made it much easier to create a versatile, easily-changeable shop display, and such displays can be spoiled by free standing shelving units dominating the floor space. A beautifully thought-out wall display could easily be pushed into the background by heavy wooden shelves. Your wall display could have all customers’ attention drawn away from it by an ugly shelving unit, or a wire unit that looks too industrial. However, we can all breathe a sigh of relief after slatwall has introduced its slatted gondola units.

Using a system similar to the standard slatwall fittings, the gondola units are a lighter version of your standard shelving unit, offering all the advantages of the slatwall system, but in the form of shelving, allowing the goods to be displayed prominently on a unit that is both small enough to be discreet, but sturdy enough to avoid excessive wear and tear in a hectic retail environment, as well as being a tasteful and attractive addition to any shop floor.

The slatted gondola units can be purchased in three forms, the first of which is the slatted H gondola. Coming, as one might expect, in an ‘H’ shape, it allows retailers to put shelving on each side, which makes it an excellent centrepiece for a smaller shop, as it allows a large number of customers to peruse a wider selection of goods prominently displayed on the slatwall unit. However, while this system may be ideal for attracting customers to the goods, it may work too well, and see the shelves quickly cleared of goods, thus requiring an employee to restock them every few hours. While this is a perfectly reasonable system, it could be the cause of stress in a busier retail environment, and run the risk of leaving bare shelves, which could well give customers the impression that the shop is lazily run.

Other than the H unit, the slatwall tower is an ideal way to display as many goods as possible, and could even be considered to be a more useful shelving system as products can be displayed on all four sides, making them both visible and accessible to as many customers as possible. Despite this, the slatted tower is a square unit, and therefore is not ideal for the central display unit of larger shops, as alone, it could make the shop look somewhat bare. With other towers, it could make the shop look cluttered, so the tower is best employed in numbers, carefully spaced out at regular intervals around a shop. This way, customers will browse a tower at a time, creating a system which could improve their shopping experience by making it feel more relaxed, and therefore encourage them to make a purchase.

Finally, slatwall make a windmill gondola unit, which offers the most effective way of displaying as many goods as possible, allowing you to show off your wares on six sides. However, as with the H unit, you will have limited space for display, so the more goods that can be displayed, the less numerous these goods will be.

Despite this, the slatwall gondola units are an excellent way to create an interesting, varied display of the goods available in your shop, and therefore can be a boon to retailers looking to create an attractive and enticing layout in their stores.

Post time: 09-17-2017