Slatwall Accessories – Ways to Display Your Wares

So slatwall can be used to show off a huge variety of products – practically everything, to be honest. However, it is not much use if you don’t know exactly what sort of accessories you can buy for your slatwall to display your wares. Therefore this article will take you through the different types of extras you can buy to make your shop and its products look as good as possible.

Let’s kick off with cards. If you are looking for a great way to display greetings cards and use your wallspace efficiency, it is possible to buy slatwall perspex card racks. Whether you go for a small or larger version, you can line up cards without the need for a large floor unit, and the space underneath is perfect for storing surplus stock neatly. You could even invest in some small drawers to stock extra goods, allowing your staff to re-stock the racks with minimum fuss.

Moving on, we now look at picture displays: in either an art store or a shop selling art supplies, one of the most appealing ways to show off pictures is to have them framed and hanging on the wall. It is probably just as easy to store them in a large rack on the floor, so that customers can flick through it, but if the picture is framed and on display, people can visualise it in their own homes, and may well be more inclined to make a purchase. All it’ll take is a small metal hook that clips easily onto the slatwall.

Furthermore, slatwall can even be used to display mobile phones. You can purchase individual display models, with a berth to fit in a mobile phone, as well as a display card giving information on the phone. This way you can create an attractive display on your slatwall, making it easier for customers to peruse your selection of phones at leisure. This is also a great way to make a sale in commission-based shops, as salespeople will be able to gauge peoples’ interest as they look around. Therefore a simple accessory could be an excellent way to help your retail business make more money.

To prove the versatility of slatwall and its accessories, one only needs to look at the pick and mix boxes. Pic and mix boxes can be used in department stores, in sweet shops, or even in cinemas. They are clear, so it is easy to see exactly what’s on offer in each box, and can be slotted into the fittings, off the floor, so they are also easily arranged, and stacked off the floor. As simple as it sounds, pick and mix display boxes are an excellent way to make a humble array of sweets look even more appealing to people who may otherwise just stroll by.

Slatwall may seem like an innocuous enough product, but it is an incredibly versatile version of shop fitting. With a wide variety of accessories available, you can adapt the fittings to work in any sort of retail business, thus making it a boon for almost any shop.

Post time: 03-01-2017