Slatwall For Retail Stores

Slatwall is the most common of all store fixtures. You can find it in retail stores and gift shops. Slatwall has home applications as well. In the sixty plus years of operations, little has changed. The cost to value ratio is favorable in the long term. The initial outlay for the slatwall board and installation is negated quickly because of the increased ability to display more products on the walls. You have the ability to easily change the configuration of your slatwall using hooks, baskets, and shelving.

Slatwall is good at displaying clothing. Hook rest in the grooves of the board and allow you to hang t-shirts and sweatshirts right from the hook. Other clothing items can be displayed by using slatwall hangers and acrylic t-shirt displays. Clothes can be placed neatly on bullnose shelving or acrylic trays to achieve a nice look.

You can use slatwall to show off your non-clothing goods as well. Slatwall baskets are used to sporting supplies and other dump table goods. Soccer balls and basketballs fit into these bins. Slatwall and acrylic work well together. These shelves are cheap and snap directly onto any type of slatwall. In addition, plastic is clear so your goods are easily visible through the fixtures.

There are literally endless finishes for slatwall. This endless number arrives because most laminate sheets can be applied directly to the surface. The laminate makes the slatwall more attractive and durable. Low pressure laminates are not quite as durable as high pressure ones. Think of high pressure laminate slatwall having the durability as a kitchen counter. Obviously this slatwall finish is extremely strong and resistant to harsh chemicals. There are all kinds of colors and patterns you can procure for your new slatwall in your retail store.

If you sell literature or books you can try a slatwall brochure holder. These holders can be made of wire metal or plastic. Another specialty item is the bracket. Slatwall brackets hold shelving and are made strong for all-purpose use. You can even display heavy buckets of paint or heavy pool cleaning liquids.

Slatwall fixtures are the portable way to use the slatwall. Most have casters for easy movement and assemble in minutes. In any case you can use the store fixture in tandem with hooks and baskets to achieve the desired effect.

The slatwall fixture has been around for over half a century and is not likely to become obsolete any time soon because of the easy of use and versatility. Make sure to consider lining your walls with the board next time you think about rearranging your store layout and design. Slatwall is king.

Post time: 06-19-2017