Slatwall Jewellery Displays – A Novel Way to Show Off Your Goods

Stores specializing in selling jewelery often look very elegant, exclusive and classy. It goes without saying that such shops have to ensure that they have a degree of class, in order to ensure that customers can feel confident that they are buying high-quality goods from a reputable retailer. However, it is important to remember that such stores must also make sure that they do not dissuade customers from buying goods. As strange as it may seem at first, it is important to remember that a shop with a very exclusive feel may impress wealthy customers, but the majority of us do not reside in the richer part of the population, and an exclusive jewelery shop could actually be a little intimidating – display cabinets may protect goods, but also create a vague sense of suspicion, as if the shop does not trust customers to handle the goods. Furthermore, such cabinets can also appear somewhat intimidating, leaving people feeling that they do not belong in the shop, or that they actually can’t bring themselves to make a big purchase. So what does this lead to? Quite simply, the customer feeling unhappy and the shop not making a sale.

So what can be done to create a jewelery store that looks both exclusive and welcoming? Slatwall has come up with a new display system that helps display jewelery in a way that looks good, puts the product to the forefront, and will help create a more down-to-earth shop design for customers who may otherwise feel daunted by the prospect of shelling out on some jewelery.

There are two different display systems, both of which easily slot onto the slatwall panels; the necklace display is a curved shelf with grooves to hook the necklace to, allowing customers to properly examine the jewelery, but at the same time using the slatwall to display it prominently and in a fashion befitting of a retailer selling high-end merchandise. As the necklaces are individually displayed on the shelf, it avoids any problem with two tangling together, and still retains a degree of class, but without making items seem too exclusive and unaffordable.

As well as the necklace display shelf, you can avail yourself with a T-bar display. This is perfect for displaying bracelets on slatwall, as it both takes up little space while showing off your wares. However, while this may be a useful way to display bracelets, it could cause tangling if used to display chains, which would look terrible, and suggest that the products on sale were of poor quality. The idea of having expensive bracelets ‘dangling’ may also put off both customers and shop owners, so the T-bar display is recommended for cheaper goods rather than the most expensive items.

So slatwall, which would more commonly be associated with everyday retail rather than exclusive environments, can even be used to display jewelery in a way that will both suggest class and quality, but without making more hesitant shoppers feel as if they are ‘out of their depth’ in a shop. Unfortunately there is not yet a similar system for displaying rings on slatwall – a minor criticism, but something that could help make jewelery shopping a better, more customer-friendly experience.

Post time: 04-08-2017