Slatwall Merchandisers

Slatwall has come a long way and is already an indispensable asset to retail stores looking to create space. Slatwall merchandisers are wonderful for getting things up and out of the way. They are extremely useful for cleanly organizing your merchandise in a secure, nice and neat way.

The channel design allows hooks, shelves and bars to be easily positioned. You can move your slatwall accessories around with ease whenever you see fit. For example, you may sell tools. You want to display many different sized items offered by one manufacturer. You can hang screwdrivers, hammers, levels, drills, buckets of screws, whatever you want, all out on eye level with the customer. Instead of being spread out on several shelves and in boxes, you will have an attractive display that may persuade someone to purchase more than one piece of the set. You can secure the tools to the slatwall or use U-shaped hooks so that customers can easily pick up and feel the quality of the tools.

Slatwall merchandisers are very common in retail clothing stores. They create space that was not there before. Crowded messy circular racks can be completely removed from the store. Merchandise is flat against the wall and you can hang clothing all the way to the ceiling. Items are easily removed with a pole, even from high hanging rods. As the seasons change, you can easily rearrange your slatwall accessories to accommodate new items. For instance, you may have bathing suits hanging very close to each other and your slatwall can accommodate about fifty bathing suits. When winter rolls around, you may want to display long coats and bulky sweaters near the front of your store. For these larger items, you will simply need to slide the rods out of one end of your slatwall, move them further apart, and now you have a custom designed wall display that does not waste any space in your store.

One of the biggest advantages of slatwall is that your items are directly in the sight of the customers that may have just passed you by. When they see everything laid out before them, they are more likely to see what they like. If your clothing is just hanging on a rack, they are only going to take notice of what is right in front of them. This could mean the difference in a browser seeing four outfits or twenty outfits. Not only are you saving a lot of space and making your store more inviting, but you are also providing an opportunity for customers to see more of what you have to offer. Consider using slatwall displays in your store and even in your front display windows to get your products noticed.

Post time: 09-21-2017