Slatwall Or Gridwall – How to Make the Most of Your Retail Space

Many retail store owners or managers wonder what type of retail display would be best suited for their store. There are several popular retail displays, namely Slatwall and Gridwall. You can see both Slatwall and Gridwall in a range of stores, from boutiques to large “big box” retailers. Let us take a closer look to better understand the options available when selecting retail displays. Slatwall and Gridwall are Great Performers Sometimes a store owner is simply unsure of what type of retail display to select. The best thing to do is to look and see whether Slatwall or Gridwall would meet your needs. Both look professional and are great performers – but retailers may decide to select one over the other.

A lot of this is simply personal taste. Gridwall has a very modern look with its metal grids. Gridwall has a very open feeling – it adds a lot of space to your store. Spaces seem larger when you utilize this retail display system. Gridwall is great to hang items up, like clothing or other soft goods. Sportswear looks very attractive on a Gridwall retail display. Available in a wide variety of colors, Gridwall goes with just about any store’s decor. You can easily set it up against a wall and maintain your decor attractively. It can even be decorated to compliment your existing decor.

There are so many different types of stores that would be pleased with Gridwall. This modern looking retail display can be seen in stores across the country. It displays retail products very attractively, conserves space to best utilize your square footage, opens up your existing store to feel more abundant in space and helps to maintain an organized appearance. Selecting the Right Retail Display is Key Slatwall also has a modern look and is a very classic retail display style. Slatwall is often natural in color, white or black. It is commonly shaped into rectangular or square cubes. One of the benefits of Slatwall is that it can easily be utilized for both soft or hard goods, such as children’s clothing, or hard cased computer components. Many stores have enjoyed using Slatwall as it is cost effective, quite sturdy, and it will compliment the look of any store. Both Slatwall or Gridwall are quite easy to maintain and retail store owners and purchasing managers have been pleased with either choice.

You will find that each sets up fairly easily, simply follow the step-by-step directions. A great benefit is that both can be used for either large or smaller displays, depending on what you need. This is helpful for the cute little boutique on Main Street in a small town, or the “big box” store located in a large hub city! Both Slatwall or Gridwall can easily be cleaned with gentle cleanser (follow directions!) or just basic dusting. These retail displays are good hard workers that you will be very satisfied with. Having a great retail display is so important for good business. Help your profits soar with the use of organized retail displays.

Post time: 09-20-2017