Slatwall Space Solutions

Having a small retail space can present a real problem for store owners. Remodeling or adding on can be expensive and sometimes just not possible. Running out of space can mean that you have a crowded disorganized store. It can also be a real turn-off for your customers. It can also limit you in other ways. It can ultimately limit the type of merchandise that you carry. Not having space can force you to order less sizes of clothing and keep you from introducing new styles that would really benefit your business. You need to come up with a solution.

Slatwall systems can really produce more space. Compared to ordinary racks, they are much more streamlined. They can help display your clothing or other products face forward to show off new merchandise. They can accommodate hanging bars to hold lots of sizes, colors and styles of merchandise. They can hold a lot of weight. They help separate items to keep everything organized, despite the number of products you display. They can help use flat wall space instead of more floor space giving your store a more open and inviting feel. Slatwall systems are useful for just about every type of product.

Shelving can be installed on the slatwall. You can use shelves to display picture frames, folded shirts and pants, clocks, electronics or any other product that would be best promoted sitting on a shelf. You can add signage to the front of shelves, freeing up wall space for more products. Pegs are great tools to utilize on your slatwall. They can hold jewelry, sunglasses and more. They are good for promoting the accessories that go with the outfits that you are displaying. If someone is interested in the outfit you have, then they’re more likely to buy the matching hat, gloves, or necklace that matches, if it is hanging right next to the outfit. This can keep your customers from bypassing cluttered jewelry racks by the check-out.

One of the most convenient things about slatwall systems is their ability to change. You can reorganize at anytime. The bars, pegs and shelves are easily moved around to accommodate your needs. If you have three inches between every line of clothes, then you can conveniently reduce each to about an inch and free up enough space to display or promote even more merchandise on your slatwall.

Many store owners love having the extra space on the floor after installing their slatwall systems. If you give your customers the space to walk around, then they’re more likely to explore the whole store. This is opposed to them digging through the first couple of racks and then leaving. The open feel invites them to investigate more of what you have to offer. Saving space and having flexibility with your displays can be a really wise choice. Make more time, space and money with a slatwall display in your store.

Post time: 03-04-2017