Sliding Doors: Let the Sun Shine In

Windows and doors are the perfect accessory for your home’s exterior, allowing you to showcase your personal style and taste. Sliding doors leading to a beautiful backyard oasis act as an addition to your home, extending your living space and welcoming the great outdoors. Sliding patio doors leading to a cedar deck or stone patio can act as the perfect canvass for your extended living room and a patio set with complimentary colors and styling to your interior furniture will create cohesive site lines and tie in the two areas.

Sliding wardrobe doors are the most common style of patio door for sale at home renovation stores, and installed in homes. This style of door is perfect for a room or area that may be cramped or lack space, as it allows for one pane of glass to slide over the other, rather than releasing inwards to swing open like French style doors. This type of entries with extended windows can actually allow you to showcase a wall of windows in your living room, kitchen or sun room, creating a stunning visual and allowing quick and easy access to your backyard oasis. Sliding patio doors offer the utmost in protection against snow, ice and rain, as well as any other climate related issues. They are made of thick, double panes of sturdy glass, encased by durable plastic and vinyl. When installed, these doors are reinforced with a protective seal and heavy duty weather resistant stripping to withstand heavy rainfall and whipping winds. The vinyl construction of entrances is superior to both steel and aluminum, in that it will not rust or tarnish, and unlike wood, vinyl is heat and cold resistant. Vinyl is so durable, that after ten years of use, these sliding entries are as reliable and performs as well as they did on the initial day of installation. You will not have to worry about chipping, warping or cracking with this resilient furniture.

Weather in Southwestern Ontario has been often unpredictable; however sliding doors in Burlington withstand both the harsh precipitation and sub-zero temperatures of winter, the damp and rainy weather during spring and the humid, scorching dog days of summer. Not only do the sliding gates withstand these ever changing temperatures and humidity levels, they actually adjust with the seasons to maintain a perfect, air tight seal all year round. The weather stripping acts as a suction tight barrier that seals when the door has been slid shut and locked. Even during a torrential down pour of rain, there is no need to worry about leakage or seepage.

Sliding doors are the perfect transition from indoor living to the great outdoors. They allow you to extend your living space and lead to your beautiful backyard oasis. By installing this type of entrance in your indoor living room, you are extending your living space and creating a cohesive balance between your indoor furniture and outdoor cedar deck, stone patio or patio furniture. Sliding doors are the perfect enhancement to your home, no matter the climate.

Post time: 07-16-2017