SpaTap Retailers Display Kit Info

SpaTap Eco Tap And Camp Shower system, retailers kit and contents.
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This is a video of the display kit supplied to retailers, to advertise and market the Spatap in Shops.

The kit contains

Retailers Display Kit
• Video Show Reel
• Video of Mobile
• SpaTap Hang Mobile (sent)
• SpaTap Bottle with Soap Display (sent)
• Stickers (sent)
• Poster Downloads (sent) (Download 0nline)
• FAQ’s / Objection response (sent) (Download 0nline)
• Flyers (sent) (Download 0nline)
• Hooks / fishing wire (sent)

11 Important features for sales staff to know about SpaTap
1) SpaTap is a water saving tap that fits over any bottle
2) SpaTap dispenses water 3 ways, Tap, shower, Pump
3) Simply place soap on top of bottle to create instant hand wash station
4) Fits in your pocket
5) 1st place winner of water4africa awards 2015 $10,000 USD prize money
6) Lifetime Guarantee
7) Made from UV stable, Food & water grade silicone
8) Unbreakable
9) Weighs only 70grams
10) Sold all around the world
11) Leave in Sun for Solar hot wash

Q) “The water flow isn’t strong enough in the shower mode for hair washing and showering”
A)”Have you tried showering under it? I have! We don’t boast it’s a high pressure water shower, it’s very difficult to fit a high pressure shower in your pocket.
A) It’s NOT a power shower – It’s a tap primarily!
A) The Shower is a mode – one of 3 modes
A) It’s a water saving device NOT a high power shower
A) SpaTap is designed for maximum water efficiency, maximum Spray using minimal water, delivered via internal fluid dynamic technology.
E.g 1.25 litre of water = 13 minute wash in shower mode

Post time: 08-19-2017