Sports Display Cases

Sports display cases are used to store and display sporting goods, clothing, trophies, and other sports memorabilia. These are used for displaying varied collectibles like bats, racquets, balls, gloves, shoes, caps, and jerseys. Sports display cases are available in several varieties that can satisfy any one from a five- year- old to a mature hobbyist.

Acrylic cubes used as table tops are the most common kind of sports display cases. A single collectible item is displayed in a simple square or rectangular acrylic/glass box mounted on a detachable wooden base. The simplest display cubes don’t have any wooden base and are meant for inexpensive table top displays. There are many innovative varieties of the simple display cube. A single baseball, for example, can be mounted on a plastic “glove” set inside the case. Generally, cube or box display cases have pylons and rings for mounting balls and bats.

Wall display cases are used to display a collection of items, like a set of golf clubs, instead of a single item. These are rectangular with five or six sides and glass doors and wooden frames.

Prices of sports display boxes vary greatly. Acrylic baseball cubes without wooden pedestals, for example, are available at for as little as $5. A wall display case for a nine baseball bat collection, however, will cost $400 at the same site. An acrylic box display case for a football costs around $50, while a glass case of similar dimensions costs almost twice that.

Sports display cases are customized and personalized by attaching engraved plates to the wooden platforms of the boxes. Die cast display cubes and wall display cases may give the choice to attach your favorite race car number on the case.

Sports memorabilia have a lot of sentimental value. Your first baseball bat might have many memories attached to it. Putting it in a display case and placing it in your favorite corner or workbench will always remind you of your childhood and protect the object you treasure so much.

Post time: 03-03-2017