Stars and Stripes Lightning Mcqueen Metallic Finish CARS 2 Diecast Display Case Disney Store car toy

From disney pixar Cars 2 this is “Stars and Stripes Lightning Mcqueen” in 1:43 scale die-cast chase edition. Comes in collectible acrylic display case from Disneystore. This ransburg metallic finish stars and strips Lightning McQueen is full of stars and stripes. He has plastic party wheels. All these diecast cars from Disney store come in clear collector’s acrylic display case, but can be removed from the case to play with just like any other regular die-cast car. Available online or at your nearest Disney store for $6.50 each or $6.00 when buying 2 cars or more. Even the inside cardboard is unique, with a track in one side and 95 logo with flames and US flag.

Music by Kevin MacLeod.

Mcqueen is sponsored by Rust-eze Medicated Bumper Ointment. His catchphrases are ka-chow n ka-ciao. He’s racer #95 based on a NASCAR car, w/ design from the Mazda Miata and Dodge Viper . Later in the film, he’s painted like the Chevrolet Corvette. His girlfriend is Sally and his best friend is tow truck Mater from Radiator Springs.

Lightning McQueen is also called in other countries: “Bliksem Mcqueen” “Saetta mcqueen” “Lynet McQueen” “Rayo McQueen” “Flash Mcqueen” “Blixten McQueen” e “Faísca McQueen” e “Blesk McQueen” “Молния МакКуин” “Relâmpago Mcqueen” e “Zygzaka McQueen” “Şimsek mcqueen”

Here’s how Cars2 is called in other countries:
“Arabalar 2″ “Auta 2″ “Auti 2″ “Automobili 2″ “Autod 2″ “Autot 2″ “Bilar 2″ “Bilar 2″ “Cars 2″ “Carros 2″ “Les Bagnoles 2″ “Mankanebi 2″ “Masini 2″ “Ratai 2″ “Тачки 2″ “Tachky 2″ “Verdák 2″ “カーズ 2″ “Les Bagnoles animées” “Cars Motori Ruggenti” “Cars Quatre roues” “Bujdy na research”

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