Starting a Jewelry Business – Bolt Down Your Displays

The best craft shows are the ones outside with fireworks, parades and bands. There is a ton of room for customers, the sun is shining and everyone is in good spirits. But again, the wind is always a problem for crafters so you need to secure your displays so they don’t blow away and take your jewelry with them. I learned this the hard way, trust me. After a couple of lousy wind gusts, I got tired of chasing my beads across the parking lot.

Many crafters bring tables that can’t be manipulated to bolt down displays. Thick plywood tops, veneer or even metal tables are sturdy for displays, but you need to have a way to drill holes through the tabletops to secure your displays with screws or bolts. I bought these awesome white plastic tables at Home Depot that are very lightweight for transport, and I easily drilled holes through the top. I lined up the displays how I wanted them to look on the table and drilled holes into the displays as well so the holes would match up.

When I set up at the show, I would lay my cloth on top of the tables. I used a screwdriver to run the screw up through the bottom of the table, through the cloth and up into the hole in the displays. When you tightened them together, it was a solid lock of the display to the table. No matter how much wind came through the show, my displays never moved. I felt bad for the other jewelers and crafters that lost beautiful items as they crashed to the pavement after just one gust of wind. And at outdoor shows, wind is very common. Bolting down displays also helps when the tiny hands of children go to grab a pair of earrings and keeps them from knocking over the entire collection.

Post time: 03-02-2017