Storage Equipment for Caterers and Function Venues

Catering for large functions is quite a job. It takes a team of people and the right catering equipment for a successful function. With large numbers of guests, a large amount of food and items needs to be managed and stored. Therefore, caterers and function venues also need to consider the best storage equipment for their functions.

There are quite a number of storage equipment that make a caterer’s job much easier.

Here they are:

• Crockery Racks – You have the option of wall mounted crockery racks or floor standing crockery racks. Having a number of racks in your kitchen is great for storing lots of plates and saucers, so that it’s out of the way.

• Meat Trays – It is imperative that you store meat separately from the rest of the food items such as vegetables. Meat trays ensure that your staff knows exactly which meat is stored in certain containers, separately from the other foods. You can get these meat trays in different colours and use a colour code system for each type of meat.

• Bussing and Transport Cart – This mobile cart is great for moving various types of dishes to and from the guests in the function venue. It has various compartments for placing crockery, cutlery, cups, and glasses.

• Dish Dolly – A dish dolly allows you to stack large amounts of plates safely. Then you can move it and place it anywhere in your kitchen.

• Food Pans with Lids – Before or after preparing the food dishes, you’ll need to store the food in containers. Large food pans with lids allow you to store the food and stack the containers to ensure optimised space utilisation.

• Freezer Crates – Any caterer uses freezers and deep freezers to store food. Freezer crates allow you to organise the food neatly in the freezer.

• Glass Crates – Glasses tend to crack or break during functions, so you need to manage how the glasses are transported from the function venue to the kitchen. Glass crates separate the glasses safely so they won’t touch and bump each other during transit.

• Storage Containers – Plastic storage containers of various sizes are necessary in any kitchen. They are a versatile type of catering equipment which is great for storing any food items.

• Mobile Tray Trolley – If you have many trays, moving them can be cumbersome. A mobile tray trolley makes light work of this chore.

• Ingredient Bins – During the food preparation process, you will have a lot of ingredients to manage if you are catering for, say, about 100 guests. Ingredient bins allow you organise each ingredient so that it is readily available when you need it.

Post time: 05-13-2017