Store Displays

Market research by advertising agencies has demonstrated that the vast majority of consumers pay very little attention to newspaper or television advertisements. Many people do not read newspaper or watch promotional ads, and this type of advertising in print or visual medias has little impact on their buying decisions. As a result, they are seldom exposed to the various products available on the market. This creates an urgent need for marketers of various products to reach customers in more effective ways. Store displays play a major role in this process. Since most people do is shop regularly, store displays have become a very effective advertising tool.

Store displays serve the dual task of adding a promotional element and providing a space to display products. Store displays are fixtures where commodities can be displayed. They work equally well in a large retail apparel chain stores, small gift shops, jewelry stores, boutiques, golf pro shops and bookstores.

Store displays have evolved from banners stating the name of a product and it’s brand, to a complete style and image statement. The success of retailing depends to a large extent on systematic store displays. It is considered a vital investment, as it has long and short- term pay-offs for the retailer. Therefore, when new retail stores are set up, a lot of money and thought is spent in ensuring that the displays are attractive, sequential and capable of highlighting products. Many retailers have learned the hard way that displaying a shabby or poor quality displays does not pay off. In fact, what appears to be a cost savings upfront can turn into unexpected hassles when parts or expansion options aren’t available or the original display manufacturer can’t be located. Retail experts recommend purchasing displays that are easy to install, durable and easy to dismount.

Post time: 02-09-2017