Store Displays, And Other Uses of the Word Showcase

The English language is a funny thing. While it avoids the confusion of giving objects masculine and feminine properties through the language, like the French and Spanish languages do, it is still riddled with incomprehensible letter-placement rules and rules that were intended to be broken.

For a perfect example, take the old saying “I before E,” which should be followed with the sentence “except 46% of the time.” It is a truly confusing language, filled with enough intricacies to make it comparable to a labyrinth.

One of the English languages more intriguing talents is the ability to give several meanings to the same word. So this article is going to look into the many different uses of the word “showcase.”

When most people hear the word showcase, they think of a vitrine. Typically used as store fixtures, a showcase is usually made of plastic or glass and used for retail display. Vitrine’s, as they are called from time to time, are the premium store displays. They offer advantages over the average retail business beyond the professional atmosphere they project.

There’s the protection factor, which is the reason many are used as jewelry showcase displays, and theirs also the idea of organization. And this type of organization doesn’t just benefit the shopping customer trying to find exactly what they want. Any business benefits from positive organization, and showcase store fixtures can play a major role.

While the word showcase is most commonly used to describe store displays, the word gets used in many other instances. There is a chain of movie cinemas, dubbed “Showcase Cinemas,” with current locations in the United States, United Kingdom, parts of Latin America and even Russia.

There is also an extension on the popular internet web browsers Mozilla Firefox, Flock, and SeaMonkey, that is entitled “Firefox Showcase.” This feature offers a one-page view of thumbnail versions of often-viewed sites. The Firefox Showcase garnered such popularity it earned the “Best Use of New Firefox 1.5 Features” award during an Extend Firefox contest. And while we don’t know exactly how prestigious that award is, we salute its celebration of the word showcase.

“The Showcase” was the final round of the daytime gameshow The Price Is Right under Bob Barker and has remained so with new Host Drew Carey. The game takes the two winners of the previous rounds, with one being the ‘top winner’ and the other the ‘runner-up’ based on who has the highest winnings at that point.

Both contestants are presented with a “showcase,” a list of prizes, which they will have to bid on. Each contestant bids on a different showcase, and the contestant who bids closer to the actual price of the showcase gets to keep it. But be careful! If both contestants guess over the price, neither wins (except Drew Carey, who we assume gets to keep everything).

Post time: 04-04-2017