Store Displays for a Parent’s World

Remember that your store display is almost more important than the products themselves. A kid’s store must be fun for the little ones, but organized for the big ones. An extreme in either direction is not effective.

Light is the most essential display device in any store. Especially in a child’s retail store. Bright light creates a happy mood, which is just the feeling you want your customers to have when considering a purchase. Even none-furniture items need good light fixtures, so that the quality and design of the product reads easily. Children’s clothes are often in brilliant colors, but without the proper lighting, no one will notice. The types of racks, shelves, and tables should be well thought-out so that light will properly expose the products on display. These display casings should be sturdy and clean, along with nice clothes hangers that fit the clothes properly. Investing in the proper hangers for each piece is well worth the cost. The right hanger will make the clothes appear as they would if worn by the shopper’s child, and that might make all the difference. Also consider asking the customer if they would like to keep the hangers at the register, as many customers find extra hangers annoying while others are looking for more hangers at home.

Keep an artistic eye to the furniture and wall colors in your store. The products on display should correspond to these colors rather than clash. This adds a more inviting environment for the customer to carouse the racks and shelves. Not closely considering this detail will cause a store to appear disorganized or cheap. The obvious colors for baby clothing are great for adding accent walls to your display floor, while more vibrant reds, blues and greens are more suited for toddler areas. Whatever colors you decide to outline your establishment, just be sure to coordinate them with your products.

Carefully considering your store display methods is possibly the most important part to owning and running a retail business. Consider every successful small vendor in the juvenile products world and how they show their sales floor. Where the big shots make up for product cost with bulk shipping and economic display, the smaller business takes the higher-end market by moving design and display to a new level. When a store looks nice, organized, and well lighted, people will come to shop. With a growing population of wealthy Americans, the lowest prices are not always what the shopper wants, so give your customers quality and they will give you success.

Post time: 03-18-2017